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PrepperProperties is Featuring properties in the North Georgia Mountains for the preparedness and self reliant minded individual, families and groups or those simply wanting a vacation get away or retirement home.


Why the North Georgia Mountains?

The Southern Appalachian region of North Georgia is an area of unrivaled beauty. It has everything needed to live the self- reliant lifestyle. Abundant water, plant and wild life. Thousands of acres of woods and National Forest land. Towering mountains interspersed with gentle fertile valleys. Numerous lakes, rivers and creeks fill the area and provide fishing and recreation.

The people of this region have a long history of self- reliant living dating back to the Cherokee Indians.

The climate is ideal. Summers are warm with cool nights. Winters are mild and relatively short. Rainfall is abundant.

The region is safe from hurricanes and earthquakes.The area is safe from wildfires due to the abundant rainfall.

There are no high value terrorist targets within 100 miles.

Low crime. Good schools.

Here are the area demographics from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here is a great article on why you should move to Georgia.


Need I say more?


Are the North Georgia Mountains the absolute Ideal survival retreat area in the lower forty eight states?

No. That would be Northern Idaho.

Most people don’t have the desire or ability to relocate and live in Northern Idaho.

If you kept a bug out location in Northern Idaho or some other western state you might not be able to get there in an emergency. Then what? All of your preps would be for nothing!

The North Georgia Mountains are a quarter tank of gas from the Atlanta and Chattanooga metro areas and only a day’s drive from anywhere in Florida.



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